Groups working together to create Artificial Intelligence simulations

We would like to make students actively involved and engaged in the artificial intelligence (AI), and build help the students to build confidence. The students will learn by doing simulation experiment and gaining experience. They will run open-source codes in group, and learnt the collaboration. At least 50 students (CO3091) will benefit from our project. They also need to participate in a team and apply AI knowledge practically. The students will feel more engaged and motivated, and enjoy the learning.

We shall use role-play, reflection, problem-based learning, simulation, and phased learning/mastery method in teaching. Matlab and Java are the digital tools to be used for enabling this approach. We shall divide a big task into small subtasks, so the students can learn how to work together.

The deadline of this project will be the end of the second semester. We have developed some prototype programs. We need an education consultant and the use permission of a digital lab. We need a webpage so we can release our software sustainable. Finally, the students will work in pair, and we can measure our project by comparing before and after our efforts using a statistical test. Anonymous comment and blackboard survey will be performed, either.