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Communication, Collaboration
& Participation
Integration of new technologies to enhance student learning within the Biological Sciences Foundation Year. By Alex Rud & Dr. Karl Herbert, Biological Sciences.
Interactive E-learning for Metabolic Pathways. By Dr. Kath Clark & Stephanie Bidwell, Biological Sciences.
Using TopHat to improve student understanding of threshold concepts. By Tally Came & Dr. Karl Herbert, Biological Sciences.
Peer-marking with OneNote Class Notebook. By Dr. Sarah Gretton, Terese Bird & Ivana Osredek, Biological Sciences.
Using Top Hat in Engineering Management lectures. By Dr. Ioannis Kyriakopoulos, Dr. Marina Marinelli & Mr Ashraf Attia, Engineering.
Student-led development of a physiotherapy apps database: A Digital Innovation Project. By Olivia Bennett, Nicola Clague-Baker, Terese Bird & Nick Court, Physiotherapy.
Electronic Submission
& Feedback
Electronic Submission and Marking of Coursework. By Matthew Norris & Octavia Hailes, Mathematics.
Storyboard Tutorials
(to promote higher-level thinking)
A role playing activity for 1st year Microbiologists. By Dr Primrose Freestone & Dr Mohamad Abdulwhhab, Biological Sciences & III.
Gamification of Pre-Laboratory Exercises. By Duncan J. Parker, Tabitha Watson & Dr Richard Blackburn, Chemistry.
Development of a digital teaching aid that could be used to teach consultation skills to medical students. By Thanin Ong & Dr. Vageesh Jain, School of Medicine.
Digitalizing Fieldwork- if, how, what, where, when? By Glen Willet & Sinead Drea (and BS2078 students), Biological Sciences.
Flipping the Classroom & Changing Mindsets: A Digital Innovation Project. By Sundeep Watkins, Hannah Jarvis & Nick Court, Physiotherapy.