Welcome to the Digital Innovation Partnership!

“It’s gone beyond what I expected, and it’s given a little bit more to the department.”
(Digital Innovator)

Since 2017, the Digital Innovation Partnership (DIP) establishes student-staff partnerships around small scale, constructive pedagogic projects, with emphasis on celebrating and sharing good practice. In addition, DIP 3.0 this year, focuses on using digital practices to support equality, diversity and inclusivity in teaching and learning, which is part of Leicester Learning Institute’s objective to support the Ed Ex and the University’s move to ignite flexible dual delivery.

The DIP has a key role in helping make student voices heard in the design of teaching,  through student-staff partnerships. In particular we focus on raising assessment literacy, exploring accessibility of digital media, developing learning communities, recognising diverse prior learning experiences, supporting transition, and by creating opportunities for cohorts to develop their digital literacies and digital citizenship.

DIP has the following aims and objectives:

  • To constructively and positively support the development of contextualised digital teaching and learning practices.
  • To further develop inclusive teaching practices.
  • To celebrate good practice and value our students’ and staffs’ enhancement of teaching practices.

This is achieved through the following approaches:

  • We help staff and students form a constructive, balanced partnership along Advance HE student-staff partnership guidelines.
  • Our projects are led by educational goals and rationale, and not driven by technology.
  • Our projects are sustainable for future years, and impact the whole class/cohort.
  • Our projects implement a form of inclusive teaching and learning.

We recognise and share good practice and innovation in digital approaches to teaching and learning, in a way that is meaningful and beneficial to staff and students.

To find out more or get involved email alexandra.patel@leicester.ac.uk