What is the DIP model?

Digital Associate: Students with confidence in learning new digital technologies and experience of learning in a digital environment, bring their valuable perspective to these projects.

Digital Innovator: A member of teaching staff who works with a student partner to develop a new digital teaching approach.

Digital Advocate: A member of staff, who has experience implementing digital learning and teaching approaches, and would like to mentor colleagues.

Pyramid showing the connection between Digital Associate, Digital Innovator and Digital Advocate. In the centre are the project criteria of focused on learning and teaching, benefits whole cohort, and sustainable. Encircling the pyramid are the additional aims of recognition and forming a community of practice.

Projects must focus on inclusive learning and teaching, benefit the whole cohort/class of students, and must be sustainable for future years.

The DIP scheme additionally encourages projects to be led by pedagogy and educational principles, not driven by implementing technology for the sake of it. We aim to value and share the excellent work done by DIP partners by offering spaces to share good practice, and building a community of practitioners.