Project focus: active learning in engineering

Ahmed Haqqani presenting the project poster at the Discover Teaching Excellence Conference 2019

Project Team

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Ahmed Haqqani (Digital Associate)
Karim Ahmed (Digital Innovator)
Rob Thornton (Digital Advocate)

Department: Engineering



Ahmed, Karim and Rob explored the use of polling and multimedia as part of an active learning approach in order to increase student participation in lectures, to give them immediate feedback, and engage with international students.

How it works

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The team wanted to move away from the more didactic ‘sage-on-a-stage’ lecturing style, and increase audience participation and active learning. To inform students, they used flipped learning, creative presentations including multimedia and video, with translations where appropriate. To consult with students, they used Turning-Point in-class polling software and online Multi Choice Questions. To involve students, they used a combination of lecture capture, team games and after-class discussions. To empower students, they established peer marking activities within the Digital Learning Environment.


Students appeared more eager to attend classes, were more confident to ask for support when struggling, and were more engaged, sharing their experiences, within discussions. This, development of active learning within teaching that aligns with intended learning outcomes, did however, require substantial preparation, and was particularly challenging to incorporate within the tight time frame of the curriculum. The involvement of student(s) within discussion about content, structure and approach has helped facilitate this significantly.