Project Focus: Using MS365 Teams to Support Dialogue In and Around Lectures

Icon- group of 3, animated Project Team
Aaron Cawte (Digital Associate)
Cheryl Hurkett (Digital Innovator)
Rob Thornton (Digital Advocate)

Department: Informatics


Aaron Cawte and Cheryl Hurkett have been considering student communication and discussion of their subject area and academic life, and how it might be further developed through digital practices. Discussion Forums already exist on blackboard, but they are rarely used, perhaps because they don’t address a need and are slow to navigate.

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Microsoft Office 365 Teams is a responsive way people can communicate easily and quickly within a specific group. Furthermore members are able to share files within this space. Aaron has consulted with his peers and produced a report suggesting how students feel Teams could be used, and what challenges would need to be addressed. Sadly, Aaron had to withdraw from the project before these recommendations could be implemented.

Aaron’s report is available here: MS Teams report- Aaron Cawte.