Project Focus: Audio Discussions to Help Distance Learners Interact


Icon- group of 3, animated Project Team:
Poppy Crow, Joeseph Lubinski & Hayal Tapki (Digital Associates)
Andrew Newton (Digital Innovator)
Gina Fox (Digital Advocate)

Department: Criminology

Poppy, Joeseph, Hayal and Andrew wanted to explore new ways of enhancing student interaction and discussion through the digital learning environment on a certain topic.

Icon - activity (1)How it works:

They used VoiceThread in Blackboard to create discussions on a several specific topics. The lecturer posts an initial question, and each student is able to add to the discussion thread, either through text, audio only, or video. Students can use desktop/laptop computers or the app on their smart phones. Responses are logged in order, and can be viewed asynchronously – helping students that have limited availability still contribute to the discussion.

NOTE: This case-study is awaiting further detail.

Screenclip of Voice Threads on Blackboard website
Example of Voice Threads uploaded onto Blackboard.



Impact of project to be fully recognised in semester 2, 2019.


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