Project Focus: Experiment Safety via Gamification

“There’s a huge level of respect between all the partners!” (Digital Advocate)


Icon- group of 3, animated Project Team
Tabitha Watson (Digital Associate)
Duncan Parker (Digital Innovator)
Richard Blackburn (Digital Advocate)

Department: Chemistry


This project aims to test students’ understanding of participant experiment safety through storyboard-based learning. As experiment safety requires crucial understanding from all chemistry students, an engaging method is required to ensure student learn from this experience.

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Icon - activity (1)How it works

The story-board learning tool was created with, a free online platform which allows text-based game to be created.
Within the activity 3-5 different outcomes were created, which are based on the choices students decide to take.

Duncan explains this project in more detail at the Learning and Teaching Conference
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Clip from the Learning and Teaching conference presentation.
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Impact of project to be fully recognised in semester 2, 2019.


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