Project Focus: Interactive Teaching Aids in Medicine

“I get to create something and improve my own curriculum in the future… even if it doesn’t work out I’ve been able to try.” (Digital Associate)

Icon- group of 3, animated Project Team
Thanin Ong (Digital Associate)
Vageesh Jain (Digital Innovator)
Terese Bird (Digital Advocate)

Department: School of Medicine


Thanin, with assistance from Vageesh & Terese, has developed a digital game based experience tackling clinical decision making. The idea was to develop an interactive text based game in which students are taken through a clinical decision based learning scenario, in which different choices lead to different outcomes. The game will hopefully be developed into a simple online application which can be linked into blackboard.

Icon - activity (1)How it works

Thanin uses the visual novel engine Ren’Py to develop this game, as well as using HTML. The adventure itself is played as a recreation of a medical ward-round. It is the player’s objective to examine the patients and gather points. It has yet to be implemented fully into the medicial curriculum, but do watch this space!

Clip from the project's resource
An example from the actual game-play.


Impact of project to be fully recognised in semester 2, 2019.


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