Project Focus: Outbreak! Interactive Storyboard for Microbiologists

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Mohamad Abdulwhhab (Digital Associate)
Primrose Freestone (Digital Innovator)
Alan Cann (Digital Advocate)

Department: Biological Sciences & Infection, Immunity & Inflammation

This project aims to develop an interactive storyboard exercise, which enables first year microbiology students to improve their understanding on how infectious diseases impact on human health and how they are investigated in real life. Furthermore, the project brings a fun element to the course, taking a step away from traditional learning and teaching styles.
The intention after evaluation by current 1st year BS1040 (Microbiology and Cell Biology) students is to make the exercise part of the BS1040 curriculum. If successful, other multimedia teaching materials may be considered.

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The platform for the storyboard exercise is based on role modelling – as Chief Medical Officer of the WHO, the student has to decide if an outbreak in an African country is an epidemic, pandemic, work out how to contain it, and how to use metagenomics to identify the outbreak pathogen. The student partner is expected to take the lead on turning the science into a real life but fun multimedia exercise.

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Impact of project to be fully recognised in semester 2, 2019.


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