Project Focus: Student-Led Apps Database

“I learnt how to take a step back and not be the teacher for a bit, and actually let them learn and guide their learning.” (Digital Innovator)


Icon- group of 3, animated Project Team
Olivia Bennett (Digital Associate)
Nicola Clague-Baker (Digital Innovator)
Terese Bird (Digital Advocate)

Department: Physiotherapy


This project involves working with Physiotherpay students in the building of digital resources for a new course in September 2018. A playlist of apps and learning videos will be created and evaluated. It is hoped that these apps will be accessible via mobile devices and laptops.

Person presenting presentation at PedR
The team presenting their project in April 2018.

Icon - activity (1)How it works

Blackboard is used as the platform for all the resources to be collated. Once apps had been selected, a focus group of students were selected to try the resources out. They then gave feedback on the apps, including their accessibility and usefulness for the course. Surveys for each app were also created.

Olivia and Nicola explain this project in further detail, at the Learning & Teaching conference 2018.

Clip from presentation at the Learning & Teaching Conference
Click the image above to view Olivia and Nicola’s presentation.


Impact of project to be fully recognised in semester 2, 2019.


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Take a look at the team’s project poster by following this link.

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