Project Focus: Tophat use in Biological Science Lectures

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Tally Came (Digital Associate)
Shaun Heaphy (Digital Innovator)
Alan Cann (Digital Advocate)

Department: Biological Sciences


Class sizes in first year Biological Sciences average around 350 students. Therefore staff find it difficult to engage with students who are not willing to speak out.
It is hoped that the use of Tophat will help overcome this issue in certain lectures. The Tophat tool will allow students to engage with lectures via an online, audience-voting platform. When this project is implemented in the upcoming semester, it will improve student engagement with course material.

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A series of interactive questions were created via Tophat, which focused around the understanding of threshold concepts. Tally also gave feedback on the course material taught by Shaun, which allowed the team to understand what areas needed to be covered within Tophat.
The tool is expected to be implemented within the 2018/19 academic year, where the success of Tophat will be assessed.

Tally, Shaun & Alan discuss the initial stages of the project.
Tally, Shaun & Alan discuss the initial stages of the project.


Impact of project to be fully recognised in semester 2, 2019.


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